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Taekwondo - Beginner to Black Belt

Hapkido - Teen and Adult Self-defense

Fitness - Cardio/Strength Training 

Taekwondo Camp - Summer and Spring

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Tiny Tigers - Ages 4-6
This is a 35 minute class and caters to the needs of children in this age range. We'll teach your child the formal taekwondo poomsae, and introduce basic kicking in a fun and challenging way. This class begins to teach your child about principles like respect and discipline and how to apply them at home and in school.  Taekwondo is also a great way to introduce your child to a healthy and active lifestyle.  Safety is our number one priority, and your child will learn self-control and how to be aware of others. 
Children - Ages 7-11
This is a 45 minute class where discipline and respect are emphasized. Classes are separated by belt ranking with each belt ranking divided into beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Our instructors make sure that your child learns at his or her own level in order to build confidence, and we incorporate conditioning in every class to teach fitness and encourage hard work. Poomsae and kicking are just a few of the things children love about the class, as they also learn how to protect themselves, set challenging goals, and make new friends. 
Teen - Ages 12-18 and Adult - Ages 19+
This is 50-60 minute class, separated into belt ranking.  As with all our classes, you are always trained based on your level and ability, but this class offers a more intense and challenging program appropriate for teens and adults. Both teen and adults learn formal poomsae, sparring if desired, and also practical self-defense skills to increase fitness, self-esteem, and confidence. Classes are challenging but never too difficult as we encourage you to always work to the best of your own ability. You'll make great friendships by working and improving with other students, and by challenging and encouraging each other. Discipline, hard work, and commitment to personal values are important aspects of these classes as both teens and adults learn how these values fit into their own lives and plans for success. 
Family Classes
Taekwondo is an excellent family activity with countless benefits - not only will you get in shape and learn self-defense together, but you'll also build important family values like respect and teamwork while you build lasting bonds. Classes provide great opportunities to overcome challenges together, learn about each other, and have fun in a way that benefits everyone, making your family strong, healthy, and happy.  Plus, your child is much more likely to stay committed when you show an active interest in his or her activity!  
We offer a very special class for our students who love sparring. This class mainly attends local, state, national, and international competitions. The training in this class consists of conditioning and sparring techniques and runs for 90 minutes to give you an extra edge on the competition. 
Private Classes
Want to shed those extra pounds and/or get great skills? Join our fun and intense personal training classes! These classes are taught by Master Lee and ensure that you burn fat, tone your muscles, live healthier, and have a happier life.  Whether you're in our group taekwondo program or not, your fitness and skills will improve very quickly with this class no matter your level.


Teen and Adult self-defense - Ages 12+
We offer a hands-on, practical self-defense class in the form of the Korean martial art Hapkido. This class will get you strong, flexible, and confident in your ability to defend yourself and loved ones.  The definition of Hapkido is the "harmony of the mind and body’s energy," and this class will tone your whole body and increase your stamina.  Hapkido is great for strengthening your upper body in particular, as this close contact martial art teaches arm-locks, pressure points, and submission techniques for your defense. You'll be taught to move in a circular motion using the other person's power (energy) to stop an attack.


Fitness Classes
Cardio and Strength Training 
This is a full body, calorie-torching workout in a fitness class taught personally by Master Lee.  Use basic kicks and punches with targets and heavy bags to get your heart rate up and work your whole body. Body weight exercises are incorporated to strengthen major muscle groups.  These classes are always upbeat and never boring, and make a great alternative to working out at the gym! Think of us as your personal trainer.  
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