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We know you'll love our school... but don't take our word for it!


We are very happy and pleased with our son's experience at Won's T.A. Our son is really enjoying it and is learning Taekwondo from the real master himself Master Lee who is indeed an expert in his craft and is very good with the kids. My husband and I are impressed on how Mater Lee teaches the kids that is why even if it's quite a travel for us, we have chosen our son to enroll at WTA rather than in another taekwondo school closer to home. We hope and wish success for WTA, a great taekwondo academy with an excellent Master!


Great place for children and adults to learn the art. Master Lee has a unique ability and patience to deliver instructions in a fun way that motivate kids and spark increased interest in the art, while teaching the fundamentals for respect, perseverance, sincerity, tolerance and focus for good character.
No other place I would recommend for my kids. As a student myself, Master Lee has helped me regain some of my previous physical abilities in the art, but more importantly the training is helping reconnect to the healthy life style I once enjoyed before a young family came into place. Great place to put back balance in adults' life.


Master Lee provides students of all ages with a full sense of focus, discipline, and exercise in an inviting environment...especially with younger students. I am thrilled my daughter is developing skills that will help her the rest of her life.


My son loves taking classes here and he had a great birthday party here. Master Lee really knows how to handle kids especially kids like my son who have problems focusing. I really enjoy seeing my son grow here.


The fitness classes with Master Lee are fantastic. And I have a lot of fun taking the all-ages TKD classes with my twelve year old son.
As for Master Lee himself, he is a kind instructor, he's great with the kids.
For this reason, I see children and adults are all very fond of him.
He has much to offer, through the natural growth of his school.


After my first trial class here about 8 months ago, I knew I was hooked. The atmosphere is welcoming, classes are fun and challenging, the schedule is really convenient, and the price is good. But it's Master Lee who really makes this school special, he is a great teacher and role model, and pushes all his students to be their best. My experience here has only improved through the months, and I wouldn't go anywhere else to learn martial arts.


As a student, I've really enjoyed learning here. Master Lee is very patient and willing to help if you ever need it, and really just an all-around wonderful instructor. Classes are very fun, and I couldn't imagine a better place to learn taekwondo.


Master Lee does an amazing job with my 5 year old son.  The lessons are fun, which they should be at this age, but he's able to get him focuses like I've never seen before.


Master Lee is good instructor with excellent back ground knowledge. His passion and enthusiasm for teaching make his class lively. Positive and cheerful attitude makes learning easier and more interesting. My son loves this place. I highly recommend this instructor if you want to learn all about Taekwondo.

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