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 - Antonio, Age 9 

We offer awesome taekwondo birthday parties for both our students as well as non-students. (No experience necessary, Ages 4+) Parents can relax in the lobby while kids play cool games, learn fun taekwondo moves, and break real wood boards!  The birthday child is the star with every activity in order to make his or her day extra special. 

Our parties are a great way for kids of all ages to let out their energy and have fun in a controlled environment, and they'll learn real martial arts skills.  Our instructors ensure that no activities get out of hand so everyone stays safe and has fun, and every child is included and actively participating.  And of course we leave plenty of  time at the end for pizza and cake!


We'll work with you to arrange any special details or requests to make your party perfect.  It's a great compliment to hear parents and kids say that our parties are "awesome," and we'd love to celebrate with you! Contact us for price details and more info!

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